A Preface Regarding The People We Work With

It would not be right for me, the artist, to fail in acknowledging the true role of my models at the outset . Who are these people, the 'models?' First let me state that these sentiments I will express about the models and our work are critical to my artistic integrity.

These people are, in truth, my medium far more than the type of film I use or the resulting images. They are my tools more than the cameras, tripods, lighting, and all of the other equipment involved in a shoot. And they are my co-artists making this whole endeavor of mine with film not an 'I/me' sort of thing but a combined aspiration of both the model and photographer to create beauty through personages. The model, in other words, is a participant, a collaborator, and a co-author. Each model comes to the table, so-to-speak, with as much as I do, and likely more.

Very few of the individuals you will view in these galleries are ones who aspire to any sort of real modeling career other than for this particular art form. They are not paid, nor are they charged. They come to the photo shoot with a pure creative intent. This attitude produces a more real result to the art aspect of what we desire to do as well as that which we actually create. The models are real people from many walks of life. They have one thing in mind, that is to make a statement with me, with each other, and with any other items we so choose to use in representation. They work with the film, the lights, the camera, and my direction as well as their own direction. This is a very difficult thing we do. We are serious by it and work hard. We also have fun. It is, indeed, intensive, joyous, intimate and demanding. It is also honest and revealing, a sharing on a heightened level. It is passion and it is love. It requires integrity, patience, trust, respect and understanding. In fact, I don't think there is any virtue that is not required by what we do together.

I owe everything I do to these the models. I honor them with these photos and give my utmost love, respect and gratitude to the integrity of our relationships. Thank you to each of you. And, many thanks also for the many other people behind-the-scenes. I am full of gratitude for each and every one of you who has assisted in any way, from critical evaluation, to physical and financial involvement.

K. Edward Mitchell
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